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November 2010, Issue 8
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Bordering the famous Mathare slum lies a gemstone in the name of Kiboro Primary School. Inside, you will find eager children smiling from ear to ear despite deplorable classrooms, one which saw its last coat of paint in 2005, without forgetting the hardships the students face each and every day.

It is was this reason amongst others that motivated the NMG Advertising department to visit and lend a hand to the student population, working closely with them as if they were their own. The school received donations including food, cups and plates, without forgetting a new fence and fresh coat of paint to brighten up the school on Friday October 22, 2010.

The eager staff members spent a whole day with the children who wholly welcomed them, giving them a treat that is otherwise foreign or a luxury to many of them.

 “Our presence in this school has inspired these pupils to work harder and to become better citizens so that they can also give when they are grown,” said NMG Advertising Director Michael Ngugi.

Earlier on, staff members had been asked to identify a number of needy schools which were in dire need of help, whereby members settled on Kiboro Primary School, which in turn turned out to require much more assistance than the rest of the institutions presented to the team.

The institution’s Head teacher Dorcas Mutinda confirmed that most of the children hailed from poor backgrounds as they resided in the neighbouring Mathare slums.

“Many children are from single parents with about 400 of them being orphaned by HIV and AIDS. We are however grateful for this will have an impact even to the community,” Ms. Mutinda stated.

The school has a total student population of about 1,000 pupils with two streams of 60 pupils each in every class. Ms. Mutinda reiterated that the children needed to be exposed once in a while and interact with other people apart from their teachers, thus enabling them to see the future through their mentors’ eyes.

According to Mabatini Ward Manager Margaret Ngugi, the construction of the new fence was vital in preventing drunkards and strangers from accessing the school grounds, thus threatening the lives of the children.

 “We are grateful for your concern and the much we can do is to appreciate since the fence was a necessity,” Ms. Ngugi stated.

Mr. Ngugi confirmed that that was just the beginning as more still had to be done in order to improve the children’s lives at the school, choosing to describe his moments shared with the children as a humbling experience.

 “These children still need a lot since they even have a very dusty playground that may expose them to diseases while they are playing.” Mr. Ngugi stated, urging other corporate organisations in the country to come forward and give to needy children.


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