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November 2010, Issue 8
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At the Nation Media Group Kisumu office, there were three main items on its list of agenda for the hailed Community Service Week, targeted at assisting needy members of the public. Beginning with the blood donation in association with Bloodlink, staff members as well as the public donated their blood at the United Mall parking yard at the commencement of the service week on October 11, 2010.

Further along the week, the eager Kisumu office staff members visited the Amani Child Development Centre in Siaya, where the institution’s director lauded the Group’s efforts in giving and improving the Community’s living standards.

Amani Child Development Centre’s director Reverend Ken Wachianga praised the company saying, “Nation has been one of the most outstanding corporate organizations I have seen impacting on people’s lives both with their balance and incisive coverage of news and their determination to make the world a better place by giving back to the community.”

Home to 70 children most of whom are in primary school, Rev. Wachianga stated that the bureau’s Ksh. 70,000 donation would come in handy in the construction of a new toilet and bathroom block, easing the congestion in the current facilities.

In addition to this, the children also benefited from the assorted foodstuff which was part of the contribution, generated from proceeds of a two day sacrifice dubbed Skip lunch to save a child.

Through this initiative, various members volunteered to skip lunch, giving what they would have used towards the purchase of food for the needy children at the orphanage home.

In an area where malaria claims more lives than any other disease, the third project involving distribution of mosquito nets would not have come at a better time with the commencement of the rainy season.

Led by the Kisumu Bureau Chief Mr. Daniel Otieno, the bureau office made a decision to distribute the nets to children under the age of five, as they are easily targeted due to their vulnerability.

With the help of Inter Diocesan Community Services (IDCS), a Christian organization, mapping out of the area was completed, identifying targeted groups from which they came up with the Nyahera area in the outskirts of Kisumu town. Here, enthusiastic parents gathered at the Nyahera sub-district hospital where they were taken through paces of proper bed net use and treatment amid song, dance and skits by pupils from the local primary schools, in addition to receiving various gifts from the dedicated bureau office staff members.


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