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September 2011, Issue 17
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Mother of four Elizabeth Wambui Njuguna emerged as the final winner in the Utahama Lini? promotion which came to a close on Saturday August 20, 2011.

Elizabeth who hails from Naivasha Town emerged as the sixth winner of the promotion, winning a brand new house in the heart of Kitengela.

On receiving the news, a very excited Elizabeth could not hide her joy as she explained that she runs a business in the Naivasha city centre known as Ragia Communications which specializes in phones and phone accessories.

Married to Peter Chira Njuguna and a mother of three boys and one girl, she lost one of her sons a year ago and was overcome by emotion when she received the news of her good fortune.

One of Elizabeth’s daily routines includes buying the Nation Newspaper from a vendor situated at the Naivasha Bus Station.

The 58 year old woman became the Utahama Lini? campaign’s final winner.

The promotion’s final tally recorded a total participation of 143,467 entries with Nairobi having the highest number of valid entries at 100,652.


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