New corporate values to steer Nation’s success

Nation Media Group launched new corporate values that aim to guide the company to success in a changing media environment.

Also the values seek to motivate employees to be more innovative and advance their skills to survive in the volatile industry.

The standards address issues surrounding consumer focus, integrity and trust.

Mr Joe Muganda, the chief executive officer, launched the principles on Saturday at Safari Park Hotel after leading the staff in team building activities.

“I think it has been a fairly turbulent time for us in the last 18 months and now it is time to stabilise the focus on what we want to achieve…we decided to start with this interactive bonding to kill the idea of divisions in our internal structure because the consumer only knows our products,” he said.

Organised by a team of NMG staff who had been identified as “culture campions”, the full-day exercise also came with lots of fun and entertainment as staff of different ranks, departments and regions mingled freely.

The human resource manager, Mr David Kiambi, said the event had been a culmination of a long drawn strategy that was meant to meet the aspirations of the employees.

He said an intensive survey in all its East African subsidiaries was carried out since 2015 to try to review what was working well and what needed to be abandoned.

“Our staff spoke and we listened. We then came up with a set of about 20 values we had identified as key in shaping the company culturally to be an employer of choice.

“We later narrowed down to the five we are unveiling today and each has about six behaviours we need to uphold…if we live by them we will meet our targets,” Mr Kiambi said.