NMG partners with Elgon Kenya to educate farmers

Elgon Kenya Ltd, an agri-inputs firm, signed a partnership with Nation Media Group (NMG) to promote crop and animal health through Seeds of Gold and online platforms. Through the platforms, farmers will be able to ask questions on crop production, animal health and farm chemicals and get timely advice.

NMG CEO, Mr Joe Muganda, noted that agriculture is the mainstay of most Kenyans accounting for over 60% of the country’s economy, thus, smallholder farmers need support and information access to enhance their productivity and income.

“We have had a long partnership with Elgon Kenya through Seeds of Gold and National Farmers’ Award Scheme. This new partnership will go a long way towards empowering farmers,” said Mr Muganda.

Elgon Kenya and NMG also partner in farm clinics, a monthly forum where farmers interact with agriculture experts.

Elgon Kenya managing director, Mr Bimal Kantaria, said the company has also introduced a new weekly column on Seeds of Gold where the company’s animal health expert will be responding to farmers’ questions regarding animal and livestock production. The column will also run on Taifa Leo.

“Between 40 to 50 per cent of farmers in the rural areas have smartphones which makes it easy to get them and engage online. The platform is very simple to use and farmers talking to us on our online portal are free to ask their questions even in vernacular since we have employed experts to respond to their needs, “Mr Kantaria said, adding the partnership will run for six months.