Nation Life

Nation Life is the home of our CSR activities, and seeks to create value for the community around us. The activities that the company is involved in revolve around our four key areas of focus i.e. Education, Health, Environment and Community Sponsorships

  • Education: As an organization whose business revolves around the dissemination of information, this tenent is very close to our hearts, and our signature CSR initiative-Tusome-attests to this. In addition to Tusome, the Nation Media Group is keen on the provision of quality learning and thus donates text books to underprivileged schools across the country.
  • Health: We believe that we are unable to have a productive nation without healthy citizens. For this reason, we are committed to enhancing and supporting health initiatives across the region and have been involved in both capital intensive projects-such as the rehabilitation of the Thyroid Cancer Ward and two paediatric wards at The Kenyatta National Hospital- and volunteer initiatives such as blood donation by staff members
  • Environment: We are cognizant of the impact that human activity has on mother earth and have thus streamlined our business processes to be sustainable-We are very particular about collecting all our unsold newspapers on a daily basis for recycling and reusing the water in the printing press. Read more about our efforts towards environmental sustainability in our operations at the plant here and our commitment to health and safety here
  • Community Sponsorships: In addition to Nation Media Group initiated projects, we partner with different organizations to ensure the success of initiatives that are in line with our focus areas. Examples of these sponsorships include The Mater Heart Run and the Beyond Zero Campaign in Kenya, the Rotary Cancer Run in Uganda and the Ndondo Cup Sponsorship in Tanzania, among others