Business Daily hosts inaugural InnovateHER Brunch: Tailored for Bizwomen

The Business Daily hosted its first InnovateHER Brunch, designed exclusively for 200 women who are passionate about business and professionals in the field.

The event, held at the Shamba Cafe, marked a pivotal moment in the brand’s commitment to supporting and empowering women in business.

With an emphasis on innovation, entrepreneurship and empowerment, the InnovateHER Brunch provided a platform for women from diverse backgrounds to connect, collaborate, and cultivate their entrepreneurial ambitions.

Attendees were treated to insightful discussions and networking opportunities, all geared towards fostering a culture of innovation and empowerment among women in business.

The event featured speakers and panellists, including successful women entrepreneurs, industry leaders and experts in various fields. Participants gained valuable insights into navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship, harnessing innovation and overcoming barriers to success in a male-dominated industry.

“I am thrilled to be part of an event that recognises and celebrates the contributions of women in business,” Ms Waithera Kabiru, Africa Digital Hub lead, Diageo.

During the event, Juliet Ngugi, partner at AfricaCentric Entertainment, underscored the significance of women aligning their traits with investment strategies, acknowledging that diverse personalities necessitate varied portfolio structures.

“In business, owing money is inevitable, but understanding financial traumas can lead to better decision-making and business outcomes,” said Ms Ngugi.

Adelle Onyango, founder of the Legally Clueless podcast, highlighted the influence of personal traumas and emotions on financial decisions.

“By acknowledging our financial traumas, we can customise investment strategies to suit individual needs,” she said.

She advocated for testing small-scale approaches and promptly adjusting courses as necessary to streamline the investment process.

“This approach aligns with the idea that understanding and addressing personal emotions and traumas surrounding finances can pave the way for more effective and tailored investment strategies,” said Ms Adelle.

Svetlana Polikarpova, founder of Tandem Network stressed the significance of hiring individuals who possess not only the necessary skills but also a psychological match with the company’s values.

“In our businesses, having a contract with clauses for unforeseen events is crucial. It’s about sustainability and responsibility towards our clients and employees,” she noted.

By Mercy Simiyu