Nation.Africa celebrates 200,000 users

Nation.Africa crossed the 200,000 mark in registered users in just under five months, a boost for Nation Media Group’s digital transformation programme. The achievement cements NMG’s position among media houses on the continent that have transformed to digital brands and succeeded.

Coming at a time the media business has been disrupted, the subscriptions stamps the Group’s commitment to generating content that informs, educates and entertains while keeping in mind the changing needs and trends of the industry.

NMG launched Nation.Africa, a digital brand on September 4, 2020, with the objective of making a step from East Africa’s leading media house to the continent’s top content provider. Group Chief Executive Officer Stephen Gitagama attended the colourful event to mark the achievement at Nation Centre.

Against the backdrop of a ravaged economy occasioned by the coronavirus pandemic, the journey to the digital model of business was inspired by dwindling profits of the traditional legacy media.

“We have started very well. Five months on and we already have 200,000 registered users,” Mr Gitagama said. The CEO added that a paywall has been introduced as part of the digital journey.

Group Editorial Director Mutuma Mathiu said Nation.Africa is the “first legal mass movement.”
“We hope for a prosperous future,” he said.

Nation.Africa content, covers a wide range of areas from stories written by young people for their peers, to in-depth reportage about the continent.
It is a user-friendly platform, and a flagship project by the group in the journey to full digital transformation. “It is a journey to empower all,” NMG Head of Development and Learning Churchill Otieno said. “The journey is long. We urge you to be part of it.”

Nation.Africa was launched a few months ago with a mobile-first mindset and with the versatile African youth in focus. The legacy brand, The Daily Nation, the company’s flagship brand, established itself as a champion of the emergent independence movement.

The new Nation brand now gives us a vehicle to take us to all parts of the continent, to reach and inspire African youth on a platform that has become the most important part of their lives: the mobile phone. Our outlook on Africa is not from a racial definition but from a community perspective.

Any person who has made Africa their home is an African. Africa is diverse; its racial, ethnic and class composition is as complex as its history which goes right back to the origins of our race. But our identity is strong and transcends those distinctions.

Our commitment is to be there for every African, to empower them and carry, project and protect their aspirations. Indeed, we are Africa’s largest independent media brand. Our aspiration is to empower by informing, educating and engaging our diverse audience. We have provided the highest quality stories, video, podcasts through Nation Audio and Nation Puzzles.

Our aspiration is to empower by informing, educating and engaging our diverse audience. Our promise is that our content is available whenever and wherever it is needed. We are setting out on a journey; together we’ll go far.

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