Nation Digital Summit III – Mombasa

The third edition of the Nation Digital Summit, organised by the Nation Media Group, took place in Mombasa between 22nd to 24th February 2023.

The summit, which brings together digital experts from Kenya and the African continent, is to exchange ideas and teach organisations how to implement technological and digital strategies that align with consumer needs.

At the summit, stakeholders in the digital space, among them techpreneurs, investors and corporate decision makers, held in-depth discussions on digital strategies and emerging trends.

The summit, whose theme was ‘Enhancing Africa’s Digital Transformation’, also offered an opportunity for stakeholders to learn, network and meet industry leaders who offered insights on the ever-changing digital space.

It also presented a key learning opportunity for corporate executives, decision makers in the government, academic institutions, SME leaders and other stakeholders keen to intensify digital technologies in their operations.

Among the key themes the conference explored included adopting digital technologies for business growth, with a focus on how business in Africa can leverage digital technologies to increase efficiency, improve customer engagement and drive revenue growth.

The summit also discussed the creation of a strong digital infrastructure and the benefits therein, including high speed internet, data centers and cloud computing to support the growth of the digital economy in Africa.

The summit delved in to cyber security threats with a focus on measures businesses can take to protect themselves from cyber-attacks and data breaches, including implementation of security protocols and incident response plans.

Speaking during a stakeholders’ dinner on Wednesday, NMG’s Head of External Affairs, Mr Clifford Machoka, said the summit has grown since its inception three years ago. Mr Machoka noted that the summit arose from the need to bring stakeholders together to share ideas and learn how to digitally transform their organisations. “Digital transformation has become a reality. It is not a myth,” he said.

Dr Wale Akinyemi, one of the keynote speakers at the summit, said plenty is happening in the tech sector so the danger is that not many are repositioning themselves to adapt to the changing digital environment.

By Philip Muyanga