Nation Media Group celebrates 60 years of quality journalism

Nation Media Group staff celebrated its 60 years in the business in the ‘Wild, Wild West’ fashion at Stima Club in Nairobi on 29th June, 2019 .

Employees from all over the country attended the function themed “True and Timeless”, where the call to remain independent, true and steadfast in service delivery was emphasised.

Chief Executive Officer Stephen Gitagama said NMG has remained true and dedicated through quality reporting and delivery of the best, timely, authentic, independent, fair and balanced journalism.

“We remain trusted, true and independent yesterday, today and tomorrow. That is what we stand for,” he noted.

“I would really like all of us, at any time, on any day and at whichever place, to remember that we remain true and timeless.”

Mr Gitagama said high value and unique content have seen the media group achieve tremendous growth, from its flagship project – Taifa Leo – to a regional powerhouse and the largest media house in East and Central Africa.

Under the tagline “The Media of Africa for Africa”, NMG was established in 1959 by His Highness The Aga Khan as a platform for indigenous African voices to be heard and for authentic stories to be told from the Kenyan perspective.

“From Taifa Leo, we have grown to become a multimedia organisation. The Aga Khan was 25 years old when he established the organisation,” the chief executive said.

NMG has since grown in leaps and bounds to have presence not only in Kenya but also in Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda.

It has also launched innovative products such as Pishi, Africa’s premier website for all food and cooking content, and Lit360, through which local music talent across broadcasting, print and digital platforms is promoted.


Mr Gitagama challenged the youth to emulate The Aga Khan by making contributions that will be remembered for years to come.

“Most of you are above 25 years old. Ask yourself, ‘what have done that will be remembered 60 years down the line?’,” he said.

“When you are young and able, try to do something that you can remember and that can be remembered.”

By Collins Omulo