NMG Hosts the 4th edition of Nation Digital Summit

In an era where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is integrating into different facets of daily life, the government has said it is in the process of implementing robust safeguards to data privacy and security.

The assurance by Information, Communication and the Digital Economy Cabinet Secretary Eliud Owalo comes at a time when the transformative potential of AI is being harnessed across the world amid growing concerns on the exposure of sensitive information to unauthorised access and use.

Mr Owalo yesterday said stringent policies and regulations are being drafted to ensure the integration of AI adheres to ethical standards, preserves individual privacy rights while harnessing the potential of data-driven technologies.

“Massive data is coming into the government’s hands in the course of digitisation and we have appropriate frameworks to ensure it remains private and secure. As a government, we are taking advantage of that process to strengthen the policy, legal and regulatory framework in the face of technological advancements,” the CS said during the fourth edition of the Nation Digital Summit.

The forum in Naivasha, Nakuru County, whose theme is “Synergies in Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence”, brought together journalists, business leaders, policy makers, academia and tech enthusiasts. Among other subjects, the exploration of AI and its implications for the future of media was discussed.

Mr Owalo said the benefits of AI should not compromise data integrity. The Information Communication and Digital Economy Sector Working Group on Policy and Legislative Reforms is working on areas falling under the information and communication technology (ICT) sector’s mandate. According to the CS, the law has remained static amid significant changes in technology.

“Even the resolutions from this summit should be forwarded to that committee whose tenure we have extended by three months. We should all, in the public and private sectors, think together even as we benchmark with the global standards on technology matters,” he said.

Nation Media Group (NMG) CEO Stephen Gitagama said the company will adopt AI to enhance creativity and problem-solving.

“The versatility of AI is amazing because we are harnessing that technology to improve efficiency and productivity with a human touch. We are also aware of issues touching on copyright, ethics and objectivity challenges and are being careful not to let AI be misused,” he said.

The Nation Digital Summit is an event that aims to help organisations implement the best technology and digital strategies in accordance with global trends and consumer needs.

The summit offers opportunities for learning, networking, and celebrating with partners, customers, digital experts and industry leaders.

Other key speakers at the two-day event include data protection professional and AI ethicist Cha’Von Clarke-Joell, NMG Editor-in-chief Joe Ageyo, Safaricom Chief Information Officer George Njuguna and Digital For Africa CEO Francis Waithaka.

Topics for discussion include AI in business processes and integration strategies and navigating the ethical terrain of AI in education.