NMG launches state-of-the-art business centre

Nation Media Group (NMG) on 17th April, 2019 launched its newly refurbished and modernised main reception area as well as a new look enterprise business centre.

The warm reception area now features modern and comfortable lounges as well as a state-of-the-art video-wall from where the visitors can follow interactive messaging from the group.

This includes product and marketing initiatives, editorial content, corporate messages and highlights from the group’s digital media platforms.


NMG Chairman, Dr Wilfred Kiboro, who presided over the launch, acknowledged the efforts put into refurbishing and modernising the main reception and enterprise business centre.

“The Nation Media Group has seen transformations, coming from quite modest beginnings. With this modernisation, we are now up there challenging other international media houses and I am so proud of all of you who have made this possible,” he said.

The enterprise business centre, a facility where clients can book and place advertisements, has now been digitised.

It now hosts an interactive, easy-to-use interface where clients have the option pf paying remotely via mobile money.


The NMG Group CEO, Mr Stephen Gitagama, said the modernisation of the main reception and launch of the enterprise business centre is in line with the group’s digital transformation agenda.

“We are doing all this to respond to the needs of our customers, who are at the core of our service delivery.

‘‘We believe that that this digital transformation will give us a different look which will satisfy our customers,” Mr Gitagama said.

By Brian Okinda