NMG partners with UNICEF on Wisdom Project Competition

As UNICEF marks their 75th anniversary, they have partnered with Nation Media Group on their Wisdom Project, an annual youth media competition, asking children and young people to create stories about children’s rights in Kenya. The project seeks to hear from people with diverse backgrounds with children interviewing older persons in their family or community.

Entries can be in the form of written essays, photos and caption, videos or artwork all aimed at bringing out highlights from the conversation and the older person’s experience. There will be two categories – children aged 10-15 and children and youth aged 16-24.

Winners and runners up will receive a UNICEF school bag (10-15) or Generation Unlimited t-shirt (16-24) as well as a certificate. Their work will be published in NMG’s JuniorSpot magazine and on UNICEF’s website. They will also have the opportunity to take part in NMG’s coverage of World Children’s Day on 20 November 2021.

JuniorSpot is an engaging, informative and entertaining weekly pullout, that runs in the Daily Nation every Monday, targeting children between 9-14 years of age. The pullout aims to complement classroom learning with applicable content from the new syllabus, general knowledge and current affairs in a fun and holistic manner.


To enter the challenge, you must be living in Kenya and be aged 10 to 24 on 10 September 2021.

The competition will open on 10 September and close on 15 October 2021.

Selection and Prizes

A panel of UNICEF and NMG judges will review all entries and select the finalists and winners in each age group. There will be one winner and up to five finalists in each age group, who will receive a school bag or t-shirt and certificate. The winners will be announced on 19 November 2021.

The best entries will be published in NMG’s JuniorSpot and on UNICEF’s website and social media.


All participants must make their submissions no later than 23:59 on Friday 15 October 2021.

The Wisdom Project
You can participate in the challenge by submitting a story, video, photo or artwork.


The participant will be required to interview an older person (over 60 years) in their community. Older persons may include teachers, grandparents and community leaders – anyone who has led an interesting life and has insights/opinions on child rights.

Some of the questions the child may ask include:
– What were some of the challenges facing children when you were a child and how have these changed since?
– What was school like for you as a child, compared to how it is now?
– Who had the most influence on you when you were a child and why? How did they shape your life?
– What is the most memorable moment from your childhood and why?
– When you look at Kenya’s children now, what advantages do they have that you did not? What are your hope for their future?

The entry should focus on one experience or children’s issue from the conversation. For more guidelines, see the entry form HERE.

Write an essay about an older person’s experience of children’s rights, in maximum 800 words.

Create a video about an older person’s experience of children’s rights, in 2 minutes 20 seconds.

Photo or artwork
Share up to four photos with captions or one artwork (drawing, painting or similar).

Enter the competition
Entry form: