Our commitment to communities

To ensure that our business is feasible in the long term, not just for our consumers, but also for the communities around us, The Nation Media Group is committed to ensuring that each of its business processes has a sustainable approach. As an organization, we have aligned ourselves to key areas within which we seek to have impact. These are as follows:

Our programmes

Activity reports

Reading is the best weapon in fight against ignorance among students

Poverty, ignorance and disease. At Independence, Kenya identified these three as the most important challenges to tackle in the country’s path to development. Fifty-four years later, poverty is biting. Ignorance remains a big challenge. And disease is rampant. One afternoon in May, I visited a primary school in Isiolo County. In the company of colleagues, […]

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Our Commitment to Occupational Safety and Health

At our NMG Printing Plant we are firmly committed to ensuring the occupational health, safety and well-being of our employees, contractors and visitors as stipulated under the Occupational Safety and Health Act 2007

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Nyeri’s Keen wins Nanyuki leg

Nyeri Golf Club’s Wachira Keen won the second leg of this year’s Nation Media Group Golf Circuit at Nanyuki Sports Club where he posted an impressive 39 points despite the tough condition of the par 72 course. Playing off handicap 20, Keen, who is also the chairman of the Athi Water Services board, and whose […]

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The Nation Leadership Forum

The platform, dubbed NMG Leadership Forum, seeks to encourage dialogue on key issues affecting the country such as economy, agriculture, health, governance and financial markets. Nation Media Group in collaboration with the University of Nairobi has launched a platform where professionals, stakeholders, leaders and Kenyans will get an opportunity to discuss issues related to development. […]

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